Episode 2

Episode 2 is here and this time I have had my recorder out at The Oak’s open mic in Kingston, hosted by Maria Ahearn.

All the bands/artists featured have kindly allowed me to record their work for this podcast.
All the music you will hear has been written by the performers, no covers!
I hope you enjoy it!


Thrasherwolf at The Oak 1-3-18
Thrasherwolf at The Oak, Kingston 1-3-18

Thrasherwolf – Blood Moon

Thrasherwolf – FacebookThrasherwolf – InstagramThrasherwolf – Twitter

Scud Penguin – Eyes Wide Open

Scud Penguin – FacebookScud Penguin – Reverbnation

Maria Ahearn – Starlight

Maria Ahearn – FacebookMaria Ahearn – Reverbnation

Scud Penguin – Tinder Box

Tales of Pandemonium – Bit of his, Bit of that

Tales of Pandemonium – FacebookTales of Pandemonium – Reverbnation

Scud Penguin – Looking for a Sign

Recorded at The Oak, Kingston Upon Thames, Open Mic night 1/3/18
If you want to contact any of the bands/artists featured then click on any of the links below their names, or leave a comment here.

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